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Can You Marry A Foreigner Or An Immigrant? Here Are Some Basic Answers


If you are a US citizen or even a permanent resident, you can marry a foreign person or non-citizen immigrant, but there are some immigration laws that you need to keep in mind so that your spouse can be moved to the United States of America permanently.

What are the rights that a person has under the US Immigration laws, rules and regulations? Here are some common questions that are answered below:

Can a US citizen marry a non- US citizen?

Yes, a citizen can marry a non-U S citizen, as long as it does not violate the law. There are some states in the US that for example, do not recognize some alliances. This of course is rare.

Will an Immigrant Spouse become a citizen of the US automatically?

No, this is never the case. An immigrant from abroad who marries a US citizen will first have to apply for a green card. The green card accords the person permanent residence. The process involved in getting a green card involves filling up many forms and documents and is a long procedure. The immigrant can be disallowed entry if he or she is considered inadmissible, maybe because of a medical problem, a past criminal record or some violations perpetrated.

Are there any significant procedures during the green card journey?

There is one substantial process that is a mandatory part of the entire journey to the green card and that is the Immigration Medical check-up. The Immigration Medical check-up has to be specifically conducted by Immigration doctors who are specially appointed by USCIS, or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. These immigration doctors for green card conduct standard physical tests and also help the applicant receive vaccinations.

Is it better to take the services of a lawyer?

If you feel that you are getting confused or intimidated by the volume of paper work that is involved in getting a visa then you should consider contacting an immigration attorney. The US immigration laws are very complicated and the paperwork can bog one down easily.

An immigration lawyer will:

• Help you find out whether your spouse is eligible for a visa or a green card
• Go through the history and verify whether a bit of past history or the issue of status will impact the right to apply for a green card
• Attend the immigration interview
• Do all the paperwork and collect the relevant documents
• Give you help in arranging to take the Immigration Medical check-up.


Source by Soumya Joshi

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