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Video Marketing Mistakes That Every Marketer Should Avoid


In today’s digital era, a marketer should not underestimate the power of video, as it solidifies your presence over the internet or intranet. It’s no real surprise that it has now become the need of the time, without which your digital marketing strategy is incomplete. To hit the head like a pro, you need to get out of your comfort zone and jump on the bandwagon that gives you the results. Customers or visitors find videos more interesting and easier to communicate than the content itself. It clarifies and conveys the thoughts better than the written text. While indulging in the strategy, here are some mistakes that you need to avoid, have a look to know them.

  • Creating Never-Ending Videos: Just because videos have now become an integral part of digital marketing strategy, doesn’t mean you make it lengthy or never-ending. If you did so, it’ll only ruin your impression and break your images in front of the clients. Thus, you should keep in mind the duration of the video and try to make it as short, simple and knowledgeable, as possible.
  • Try Not To Push Sale: While creating a video for your company, you need to keep in mind the point that it is to attract people and advertise your products or services to them in a smarter way. If you are not doing so, it’ll break your impression and deliver the wrong results. Make sure the video you create convenience them to try out your products and services, rather than trying to foist it on them forcefully.
  • No Title And Description: Video makes it easier for a viewer to understand your offerings, similarly, title and descriptions help the Google to index it for better ranking. Thus, you should create SEO-friendly title and description that justify your video and make it easier for search engines to index it.
  • No Call-To-Action: Be it content or video content, a call-to-action phrase is very much important to attract the audience and, to increase the chances of conversion. If you are not adding it to your videos, so, it’ll zero your efforts of generating the leads.

These are a few video marketing mistakes that being a marketer, you must avoid. To add a professional touch to your videos, you shouldn’t hesitate to take the assistance of the experts. Do remember, video marketing has the power to make or break your company’s impression and, you should use this tool ideally to make it work for your goals.


Source by Gunjan Singh

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