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Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS – Restelssness While Sleeping Symptoms and Cure


Do you feel restlessness when sleeping, without any specific reason? Are you anxious of thinking deeply about something that you cannot control? Don’t know why it is happening or are you looking for a tried and tested restlessness cure? No matter what your exact symptoms are, you can rest assured that you are not alone and there are people who have overcome their restlessness and similar issues by using natural methods such as relaxation, meditation and various yoga techniques. Also there are many cases which required medical intervention. Lets have a look at a few basic facts about general restlessness and RLS or restless leg syndrome.

Cannot sleep due to restlessness?

Do you find it difficult to sleep properly despite working very hard throughout the day? While insomnia or inability to sleep is one of the reasons of restlessness when sleeping, there are various other symptoms that can help you identify your issue. If you want to move constantly or your legs or arms get cramps while at rest, then read on. You cannot calm your mind or cannot stop thinking about something unpleasant, triggering more restless and anxiety? You may also feel the combination of both physical and mental restlessness.

Here are some common symptoms of restlessness

  • Inability to focus on anything
  • Unable to manage your time
  • Unconscious or conscious leg movement
  • Foot or hand tapping
  • Cramps in arms or legs, when at rest
  • Unnecessary palpitations
  • Inability to sleep or insomnia
  • Frequent distraction at work for no specific reason
  • Are restlessness and anxiety related

Quick Tips to identify RLS or restless leg syndrome

  1. Throbbing sensation in legs
  2. Feeling of pins and needles in feet quite frequently
  3. Painful cramping in calves
  4. Burning or tingling sensation in legs

Moving the legs usually relieves the symptoms temporarily, but if it becomes frequent or worsens, then get medical help. You can also try a few yogic methods that work wonders for many people. However, yoga in general, requires discipline and regularity to give you any significant result. Just check what suits you the best.

Restless cure

There are various methods and home remedies to handle and minimise restlessness. If you believe that your problem is more of psychological in nature, then simply focusing on one task at a time can prove to be highly effective. Do not over-commit if you cannot deliver something within a certain time frame. In fact, under-commitment and over-delivering is the best possible way to control restlessness as you work within your limited resources without getting anxious about what if you’d not be able to deliver on time.

Restless leg cure

  1. Mustard oil massage on both the legs, especially on calves
  2. Soak your legs in warm water regularly
  3. Cool and hot packs alternatively
  4. Hamstring exercise also helps in some cases of RLS
  5. Limit your caffeine intake

It goes without saying that when you are anxious about anything, your mind is working extra hard to reach a conclusion about the issue you are thinking. As it seems to be impossible, you become even more anxious, and it becomes visible in your behaviour, physical sensation and emotions. You can get annoyed at the slightest of provocation or even without any valid reason. Negative emotions will be more dominant and visible than positive ones, and you may feel that you are completely alright. Others can quickly identify your disorder and suggest a visit to your physician.


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