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Teen Drug Rehab – How Parents Can Help


No parent wants to have a teen that is addicted to drugs or alcohol or have to place them in a teen drug rehab center. Putting your teen in this type of center is probably going to be one of the most difficult things you as a parent will ever do. Yes, you are glad they are getting the help that they need now but what will the future hold. When they leave drug rehab there are strategies that you can use to help yourself, your teen, and your family work through the challenges of the drug rehab process.

On your teen’s life, substance abuse can have a long-term, divesting impact n their lives. This is why it is so important to do everything that you can to help them overcome their addiction.

Learn what you can about addition

Addition, or substance abuse, is a broad category. It can include prescription medications, alcohol, and illicit street drugs. Each one of these can have its own impact on your teen’s mental and physical health. You can help by educating yourself about their specific addiction, which will help you understand more about this addition’s recovery process. This will help you to be prepared in terms of what to expect in regards to their recovery process in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

Do not let your teenager be in charge

Teens can be manipulative and headstrong and try to convince you that they should leave teen drug rehab early. They may tell you that they have learned their lesson but if you do not comply and get them out early, they may vow not to speak to you again. You can expect all types of tactics that can include threats, crying, begging, and cold silences. Listen to your teen and tell that you love them and that you placed them in a teen drug rehab center to save their life.

Be active in therapy

Generally, during their stay they will have family therapy so make it a top priority to participate actively in these sessions. Make it a top priority and attend all sessions. In these therapy sessions you will learn how to work your teen and not against your teen so you can help them have the best chance for a successful recovery.

When discharged, have a plan

Substance abuse is a chronic condition and treatment in a teen drug rehab is just the first part of the recovery process. Work with the drug rehab center to create a plan entry back into the real world. Before discharge make sure that they know the house rules clearly, which can include stricter curfews, expectations in regards to behavior and school, scheduled chores and the consequences if not followed.


Source by Lora Davis

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