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A SMART Approach, To Better Health


If you asked most people, they would state, one of their priorities, is living, a happy, healthy life! Being healthier, and happier, means focusing on the best way, for you, to use a smarter way, to become a healthier person! Wouldn’t it be great, if, we could use, a SMART approach, to better health? What would this represent, and mean, and what methods, considerations, and mind – set, might enhance our possibilities, and personal action? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it might be, in our best interests, to pay some attention to these items.

1. Self; sustainable; symptoms; solutions; stronger: How can anyone, become stronger, more fulfilled, etc, unless/ until, he pays attention to his personal self – interests, and what he really wants, and makes him happiest, and most contented? It is smart, to look at the bigger, sustainable paths, than seeking instant gratification (and disregarding ramifications)! Do you know, the symptoms, of being happy, versus, what stresses you, in a negative way? Smarter people, always, seek solutions, which make them, consistently, stronger, better, and more content!

2. Motivated; maintenance; MD: Will you be, motivated, enough, to consistently, perform, personal maintenance, and use every opportunity, in your personal best interests? Always consult, a medical doctor (MD), in order to ensure, there is no significant ailment, and/ or, illness/ disease, so you might be able to proceed, with the finest, overall, wellness procedure!

3. Attitude; attention; articulate concerns: When visiting a health professional, it’s important to fully express and articulate your concerns, ailments, etc, in order to be fully examined, etc. Proceed, with a can – do, positive attitude, and pay attention, to the finest possibilities!

4. Reasoning/ rationale; research; relevant; real: Consider your reasoning, and rationale, and research your options, alternatives, etc. Know the difference between relevant scenarios, and, less important ones! Keep it real, and never, merely, accept rumors, or, opinions, and investigate the research, and realities!

5. Trends; timely; total health: Recognize, realize, and understand, every trend, which might be helpful, to you, in you quest, for a healthier existence! Never procrastinate, in taking actions, which might be in your best interests, but, rather, take timely, well – considered actions, focused on optimizing, your total health, and well – being!

Are you willing to take some SMART approaches, to a healthier life? Will you commit to proceeding, with a can – do, open – mind?


Source by Richard Brody

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