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HOLISTIC Approach To Medicine


Most people seek better health, but, often, their fear of going to the doctor, or needles, or taking certain medicines, and / or, their desire to avoid what they might consider the risks / side effects, associated with some convention treatments, become a risk to their personal health, and well – being. In the United States, our system of medical treatment is often referred to, as allopathic , which focuses on treating diseases, as opposed to preventive medicine. In many / most of the rest of the world, the emphasis is on reducing illnesses, by enhancing / improving our resistance, and / or immunity, and avoiding taking chemical medicines, initially, but only, when other approaches, aren't indicated. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, the HOLISTIC alternative / approach, using the mnemonic method.

1. Healing; homeopathy; heart / head: Holistic practitioners, often focus on healing the entire / whole person, including balancing the emotional and logical considerations, in a head / heart balance, without resorting, first, to merely treating symptoms. Most nations use homeopathic medicine, in a thorough, wellness program, as well as many other modalities.

2. Options: The focus is on taking advantage of all, viable options and alternatives, used together, towards creating better health!

3. Listen; learn: Wellness medicine treatment takes the time, to ask lots of questions, and listen carefully, in order to learn more, and be best positioned, to better health!

4. Importance; ideology; ideas; investigate: Utmost importance, in an alternative regimen, is possessing an ideology, of considering the bigger – picture, and take advantage of the finest relevant ideas / alternatives. When one investigates the options, and alternatives, he places himself, in the best position, for a potentially, healthier life, etc.

5. Systems; stronger; sustain: When one focuses on the best way to sustain our existence, and proceed, in a stronger way, he accepts alternative systems, focused on a healthier lifestyle!

6. Timely; trends: Pay attention to the discoveries, trends, and new alternative techniques, with the focus, on the best. most relevant alternatives, might create a healthier – you! In every medically – related, instance, it's essential to pursue, well – considered, timely actions and treatments, while ruling out major illnesses, such as cancer, etc.

7. Imagination; insist; improve: If you hope to improve your health, you will have to work, on it, while maintaining the imagination, to consider options and alternatives, and insist, on doing everything, possible, to enhance your well – being.

8. Care; caring; coordinate: Coordinate your care, and know, when allopathic approaches are needed, and necessary, and when, holistic approaches and techniques, might be best, for you! Happy people are generally, best – positioned, to be healthier, and are often, the most caring individuals.

Wise people don't ignore the possibilities, and are ready, willing and able, to consider, when HOLISTIC medicine and techniques, are best – suited, for you. Will you maintain the open – mind, to be the healthiest, you might possibly, become.


Source by Richard Brody

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