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Don't Let Them Trick You, An Eczema Cure Doesn't Exist – However Eczema Treatment Solutions Do



Despite the numerous claims, a permanent eczema cure doesn't exist. To understand why this is the case, we need to understand what eczema really is, what the causes are and why you have the condition.

However the symptoms of eczema can be treated.

What is Eczema?

Derived from the Greek word meaning "to boil over", eczema is used to describe the inflamed skin which is red in appearance and can be extremely itchy.

The Two Main Types

Atopic – triggered by an external factor / allergen and can have a genetic basis (someone in the family will often also have eczema) ;.

Contact Dermatitis – this occurs as a result of skin contact with irritating substances

Why Do I Have Eczema

To understand this we first need to understand our skin.

The Skin

The largest organ of the body, its functions include:

Regulating heat

Providing sensation – example warn against dangers such as temperature

Play a role in the metabolic process

Hence the skin is really important in maintaining the internal balance of the body. So when the body suffers a shock (reaction), the effects so often enough manifest themselves in the skin. These include producing high levels of hormones and inflammatory toxins, which can then affect production of natural oils which help keep the skin moisturized and also disturb the skins natural heat control system. As the skin becomes inflamed, it gets drier, the itchiness starts, the urge to scratch grows all of which can lead to skin damage and " Eczema".

Causes of Eczema

The exact causes are yet to be fully understood, however it is believed for the most common type of, an oversensitive immune is thought to be the main cause. Whilst you don't inherit Eczema itself, the chances are that if you suffer from the condition, you have inherited a gene which results in the release of antibodies when you can come into contact with normally harmless substances such as certain types of foods, pollen , house dust mites etc. These triggers vary from one person to another. With people who have atopic eczema, due to their over sensitive immune system, the body releases extra amounts of immuglobin E, the temperature of the skin is then affected, as its ability to produce natural oils which help keep the skin moisturized and prevent the loss of moisture. The result is the skin becoming red and inflamed, swollen, itchy and all the other symptoms we associate with Eczema are started.

Does A Cure Exist

As mentioned above, as an inherited gene is the most likely reason why you have the condition, as with many genetically inherited conditions the answer is no.

Will I Have Eczema All My Life

Whilst a permanent cure doesn't exist, the symptoms can be treated and if carefully managed there is no reason why you can't be eczema free. This eczema treatment approach, is what I have adopted both for myself and my three children and thankfully all of us remain eczema free.


Source by Jasmine Khan

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