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Cure Stuttering Effectively With DAF And GILCU


Stuttering as a speech disorder poses a lot of beliefs and theories concerning its origin and characteristics. One of them is the belief that stuttering is a result of the mismatch between a person's speech capacities and the demands the person receives from the environment. A person may constantly receive pressure around very fluent people. This may lead to the breakdown of his / her speech systems because the pressure he receives is just too much of what his speech system can accommodate. This makes concerned individuals look for ways on how to match these two factors and ways on how to cure stuttering.

There are a lot of myths and devices that promise instant cure for stuttering. Unfortunately, these are hoaxes and only provide temporary cure. But, with the help of techniques that are taught and implemented by certified speech pathologists, stutterers will be able to eliminate their moments of stuttering and communicate effectively. A lot of techniques are well-received by researchers in this field.

How To Cure Stuttering With GILCU?

Stutterers and concerned families have always been in the search for ways on how to cure stuttering. Speech pathologists incorporate different fluency techniques during therapies that promise to reduce and then completely eliminate the abnormal repetitions, prolongations and stoppages or blocks present in a stutterer's speech. With the help of the techniques, stutterers are also able to eliminate the physical concomitants or movements that they involuntarily do. Two of these techniques that aim to treat stuttering are Gradual Increase in Length and Utterance (GILCU) and Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF).

How to cure stuttering with GILCU? GILCU, as what it stands for implies, involves the structured plan of the application of fluency techniques. The fluency techniques taught to patients are introduced and then applied in the patients' speech in a gradual manner. The patients will first apply the techniques with syllables then proceed with words, then to phrases and in turn to sentences. The patients, who seek ways of how to cure stuttering, will need to master first applying the techniques in the shortest utterances before proceeding to longer and more complex ones.

GILCU is incorporated in the Fluency Shaping treatment plan because it targets the over-all fluency of the person. This is also a convenient and effective technique because it doesn't bombard the stutterer with a lot of techniques at once. This gives the patient the chance to adapt and incorporate the techniques needed according to his / her own capacities. GILCU answers people over their concern on how to cure stuttering effectively.

How To Cure Stuttering With DAF?

DAF is another technique used by speech pathologists for people who are concerned on how to cure stuttering. Delayed Auditory Feedback, as the name implies, alters the auditory feedback system of the stutterer to lessen the dysfluencies. It is based on the belief that stutterers are not able to immediately implement corrections when what they wanted to say is different from what they have said. How to cure stuttering with DAF?

With DAF, a device is placed on the patient's ears. This device modifies the feedback system by delaying the sound heard by the stutterer by 50-75 milliseconds. This will make the stutterer prolong syllables and reduce the rate of utterances, thereby lessening the sudden dysfluencies created because of pressures for rapid speech. The delay caused by the DAF is decreased over the course of therapy to increase the pressure imposed on the stutterer. Its goal related to how to cure stuttering, is to practice the speaker to not hurry his / her speech and give him / her ample time to construct his ideas and produce them well.


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