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Why Your Mindset Matters


Why does your mindset matter? Your mindset only matters if you want to have a better life. What matters to you?

Do Things Happen to You, or do You Happen to Things?

When life happens to you, you are existing. When you happen to life, you are living. Don't let people, circumstances, or environment keep you from living your dreams. Go out and make it happen, you will be glad you did.

Focus on It

Do you envision your success? Do you clear your mind of all distractions before you engage your mind? Filter out distractions, negative self-talk, and envision a time in the past when you experienced success. Think about the way this achievement made you feel. Focus your energy on the positive What you focus on-you find.

Are you Sitting on the Sidelines, or Getting in the Game?

Do you spend time wishing, or thinking about what you want or are you actively engaged in pursuing it? Don't waste precious time in your life measuring others achievements. If you spend any time on social media, be aware of this mind trap. If you must peruse others success, think about how they got there, and make a plan to replicate this success in your life. Take action.

Do you Settle for the Status Quo, or are you Pushing your Limits?

Is life ok, just good enough? Do you wish you had pushed a little harder to reach your goal? If you have a pulse, get busy! There is always time today to break the status quo in your life.

Are you Continuing to Learn From the World?

Keep learning new things even if the things you learn don't fit into your overall plan. If you continue to be a student for life, the knowledge will enable you to continue to grow in surprising ways. Expand your world.

Are you practicing Blame Displacement?

Sometimes in life, people blame circumstances, other people or things for the reason they did not get what they wanted in life. This habit goes by many names, but I like to call it "blame displacement." The tendency to blame others for events that do, or don't happen in life. Don't be a victim of blame displacement, look back at what you could have done differently, learn from the experience, then move on.

Do you learn from failure?

Famous people like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein have said they learned the most from their failures. Look at your failures and take the information to be better next time. Just make sure there is a next time. Move forward and improve.


Is the fear of failure keeping you from what you want? The following are two different ways to handle the fear of failure:

1-Think of the fear you are harboring, then imagine the worst possible scenario that could happen if you take action. Ask yourself, "what's the worst that could happen?" If you can live with this-take action.

2-Fear is a future based emotion. It never takes place in the present. If you feel the fear use it as your rocket fuel to propel you into your goals-take action.

Don't let fear, lack of focus, others or your environment keep you from your dreams. If you envision your success and believe in yourself and you will be well on your way to achieve your goals.The law of nature wills that what you believe, you can achieve, and receive in life.


Source by Nan L Hruby

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