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The ART Of Living Healthy


Enjoying a truly, happy, healthy life, requires understanding, and taking advantage of, the ART, and science, of living, healthy! This means, avoiding, any search, for any shortcuts, instead of committing to a combination of the discipline, mindset, focus, and emphasis, on finding personal, peace – of – mind, and. hopefully, living a happy life! When we are happiest, we tend to become capable, of living the healthiest life, because, we become proactive, objectively introspective, and focused, on living life, to its fullest, rather than emphasizing, potential negative possibilities! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is so essential, to our health, and well – being.

1. Attitude; aptitude; attention; actions: When one has a real, genuine, positive, can – do, attitude, instead of wasting time, considering all the negative possibilities, and procrastinating, he proceeds forward, welcoming possibilities, exploring alternatives and options, and maintaining a well – considered, positive, can – do, attitude! Committing to combining this, with a relevant, well – developed, skill – set, and aptitude, while paying keen attention, to being, as happy, as possible, brings forth, far more happiness, etc. However, it takes, much more than merely, talking about it, etc, but, rather, taking well – designed, relevant actions, in a timely manner!

2. Realistic; responsive; responsible; relevant; right: Avoid the temptation to lie, to yourself, but, rather, be realistic, so you can properly plan, the best course of action! Be responsible to your needs, in a responsible, relevant way, focusing on the best way, to make yourself, achieve your objectives, and priorities! Focus on doing the right thing, and making the best decisions, instead of expedient ones, or following the path, of least resistance!

3. Time – tested; timely; trends: Study, learn, and understand, the time – tested methods, concepts, and reasons, while learning any, and all trends, which might make you happier, and hopefully, healthier! Most people procrastinate, when they should expand the limitations of their personal comfort zone, and, proceed, consistently, with well – considered, timely actions! Align your actions and behavior, with doing, what’s best, for you!

Most of us claim, and convince ourselves, we want to live a happier, healthier life, but few are ready, willing, and able, to take the right course of action, on a consistent basis! How might you use, the ART of living healthy, to your best advantage?


Source by Richard Brody

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