How Sex Destroyed Naomi’s Life

Naomi, was so beautiful, pretty and cute like the most beautiful female journalist at KTN. She was well shaped and every time she was walking around in Jamuhuri estate where she used to live, no man could by pass her without looking at her back. She was admired by almost every man in every place she went to but she fell in love with one guy from Ngong.

They met at Churchill Show at Carnivore Restaurant and that’s where everything started from. The guy was loving and caring. They started as friends but later on became lovers. She loved him so much such that she gave him all her heart. He was the one who was keeping the keys of her heart. Their relationship became so strong. The guy could not wait for their marriage. He started demanding to climb the tree in the middle of the garden of Eden or to ride the mountain bike for 20Km. Naomi, could not resist because she loved him so much.

One day he asked her to spend night with her at Karen Country Lodge in Karen. She accepted in the name of love. Before she could leave for a sleep over, she told her parents that she was going for an overnight prayer meeting at Wold Harvest Int’l- The Hour Of Blessings. Her parents allowed her to go since it was an overnight prayer meeting. From there she took a quick shower. after she finished, she dried herself up and applied some lotion, then she dressed up and left for Karen to meet her lover. She arrived safely and had to meet with her lover. They spent a night together at Karen Country Lodge and the guy did what he really wanted the whole night. No CDs were used. It was a live musical performance.

Naomi got pregnant and the guy dumped her. He left Ngong and started staying in Thika with his elder sister. He even changed his contact number. Naomi, was really heartbroken broken. She was ever crying with her pregnancy till she delivered after nine months at RUNH (Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital. She delivered a cute baby girl. The guy was no where to be seen. He forgot about her.
5 years later, she met a guy who was so handsome like her real father. The second guy she met used to live in a very nice place in Kawangware actually a city within a city. He was so caring and loving. It was so interesting the way their relationship started. They knew each other from Prestige Mall where the guy used to work. Every time Naomi came to buy her groceries at Prestige, she could meet with the guy and he could crack jokes and Naomi could laugh out loud. They became good friends and one day he asked for her number and she gave him. They started calling and texting each other almost every day. On his off day he could visit her in Jamuhuri but he never used to reach her home. He could stop somewhere near her place where they had agreed to meet every time he visited her. As days went by, they became so close but Naomi never disclosed to him that she had a kid.
One day when he proposed her she had to share her story and all she went through. She told the guy that she had a 5 year old daughter. The Kawangware guy was so much in love with her so he said, “Sweety, it happens I can’t leave you just because you have a kid. I love you and I will always love you the way and who you are”

Naomi responded in tears, “Honey, I love you more.. please never disappoint me like the previous guy.. hold me tight till the end of time..”
Kawangware guy, “I will definitely do that”
After he graduated from Kenyatta University where he was doing his part time studies, they got married. He started supporting her daughter (Charity) like a real father. People could not tell that he wasn’t the real father because of the love and care he was showing to the daughter and mother. After he got his degree from Kenyatta University and got a job with Airtel and stopped working at Prestige Mall. He started making some good income with Airtel. So they shifted from Kawangware as a family and started staying in Hurlingham. In Hurlingham that’s where they had their first child (daughter) and they named her Peggy. The guy was so happy to see and hold his first child in his arms. It was so nice and awesome to have his own child but still he treated his own daughter and step daughter the same. He bought them almost the same things and took them to the same school. So Charity and Peggy never knew that they were step sisters except their parents and some relatives who knew the secret.

Noami, as the mother never wanted to be a house wife for the rest of her life. She also wanted to be doing something so that she could contribute something to the family. So she asked her husband if she could do some studies for herself to start up her own business. Her husband supported her move or suggestion but she could not take a degree because she never had a good grade for the course she wanted Certificate. So her husband enrolled her at Kabete National Polytechnic under Secretarial Studies. He even bought her a Vitz so that she could drive herself to and from school. From Monday to Friday she could drive herself from home to school till she wrote her final examination and cleared everything. After she got her results, She applied at Daystar University and was accepted and started studying Business Administrationat dip level. In her final year at Daystar, her Ex boyfriend appeared. They met at Arcades and the Ex had to kneel down for her and pleaded for forgiveness as he was shedding tears. Naomi, broke in tears too when she remembered all she went through after he dumped her. They hugged each other and they had lunch together. The Ex humbled himself as though he was not a crook. Naomi’s husband did not know that her Ex was back in Nairobi and their friendship or relationship had begun again. The Ex could follow Naomi at Daystar most of the time and they could talk from there. One day she shared her story with her good friend at Ebru TV and the friend was like, “Please, forget about this EX boyfriend of yours. He will put you into serious problems.
Naomi, “Okay, but I don’t know what to do coz I still love him. He asked for forgiveness and said he was sorry for everything he did to me. He wants us to get back together..”
Friend, “Noami, how will your husband feel when he discovers that you are going out with your Ex”
Naomi, “No wonder am saying i don’t know what to do..”
Friend, “Here is what you have to do: Avoid your Ex. Give him a distance. Don’t entertain him. Delete him from your mind and phone book. He is jealous of your happy marriage. Be very careful you may lose everything”
Naomi, “Okay, thank you so much. I will definitely follow your advice”

Naomi never followed the advice of her good friend at Ebru TV. She continued going out with her EX boyfriend till she was caught in the very act by her husband in Pangani. Her husband was like, “Is this where you do your studies from? Have they shifted Kabete to Pangani?” He slapped her and started beating her Ex boyfriend. After being beaten, the Ex boyfriend ran away. The husband drove home and packed all her belongings. Few minutes later, she also arrived home and her husband was like, “Don’t get inside the house here are your things you can leave with your Ka daughter (Charity). Charity (step daughter) was like, “Dad, what’s wrong?” Step father, “Ofuwo kendo oran! Just get out with your foolish mother” Charity broke in tears. She looked at her mother cried out loud. The husband got the car keys for the Vitz from her hands by force. Naomi, was in tears and she said, “Honey, please forgive me”
Husband, “You thought I was a fool. I have heard a lot about you with your foolish Ex, and todey I’ve witnessed myself. Please go and marry him, malaya hii”.
Charity was shocked and wondered , “What wrong have I done? Why are you chasing me with my mom and leaving out Peggy?”

Step Father, “Am not your dad okay? Ask your mom where your foolish dad is and she will tell you”
Charity, looked at her step dad and her mother and cried bitterly. Naomi and her daughter (Charity) left. They boarded a bus at Yaya Centre and went to Jamuhuri to stay at her parent’s home. Her happy marriage just ended like that. Her Ex boyfriend disappeared from Nairobi again and went to settle at the Coast. Charity, asked her mom who her real father was but her mom never gave her a satisfactory answer. She just said, “Never Mind”

Charity stopped going to school because her step dad stopped paying school fees for her at Brookhouse School. Peggy the real daughter continued schooling and was fully supported by her dad but she missed her step sister Charity. One evening when he came from work she asked him about Charity her step sister. She really wanted to see her. The father was bored with questions about Charity, “Just forget about her. She is not your sister”
Peggy, “Ummmm dad how? I have known Charity to be my real sister and why did you chase her?”
Father, “It’s a long story never mind”
Peggy, “Okay, but I really miss her.. I feel lonely without her”
Charity, was also troubling her mother in Jamuhuri that she wanted to see Peggy. Peggy and Charity loved each other so much as sisters and it was very hard for them to stay apart or separately.

Naomi lost her beautiful marriage. She couldn’t even write her last exam at Daystar. Everything just went sour. She was ever crying at her parent’s home every night. She remembered the words of her good friend from Ebru TV but nothing could be reversed. It was too late to realise and apologise. She lost it all. Every time she remembered how her husband loved her so much she could not hold back her tears. Two weeks later she was found dead in her bedroom. She took some poison according to the postmortem report at KNH.
After they buried, Charity went to see her step father in Hurlingham and when she reached there, she found just about to leave for work. She looked at him and said the following words as she was shedding tears, “Dad, my grandmother in Jamuhuri told me how I was born. I may not be your real daughter or you may not be my real father but I have been raised to believe that you are my one and only father I have ever known in my life. It’s hard for me to live without you and my young sister Peggy… Dad, I want to live with you forever and I love you so much… Please, accept me as your own..” Before she could finish talking, her step dad and sister (Peggy) broke in tears and hugged her. He accepted her as her daughter and started staying with her again. He took her back into school. Peggy was so happy to live with her step sister once again. They could go to school together and study together.
Later on he married an SDA woman who took care of the two girls (Peggy & Charity) at home. The girls had really grown. Peggy was in class 6 while Charity was doing class 8 at Brookhouse school. The girls were also intelligent at school.
Noami’s Ex boyfriend ran mad at the Coast and 5 days later he was found dead in unfinished house.

If you don’t want any problems in your current relationship or marriage or life, forget about your Ex. Give him or her a distance. Don’t entertain them. They will destroy everything.
If you still love your Ex, please don’t jump into another relationship or marriage. Ex boyfriends or girlfriends will always disturb or destory your current relationship or marriage. Some of them are even jealous of your beautiful relationship or marriage. If you Still want your Ex in your life, please don’t engage yourself in any relationship. What good is your Ex going to bring or provide or show now that he failed to do when you were still together?. Please, wake up and grow in mind!! Stay married to your husband or wife, and live happily forevermore… Good night dear.

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