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Can You Control Your Emotions and Discipline Them?


Emotions are of two types; Positive and Negative emotions. Every negative incident has a positive intent, if complaint is a gift then negative emotion is also a gift and every gift doesn’t come wrapped in your way, it means there is something positive in every negative incident which you need to find it as only gifts are not beautifully wrapped for you but the negative emotions and incidents do also wrap in a gift box for you but what you need to do is to find the positive side of it.

Your performance is always based on the emotions you have, you will always deliver the same level of performance if you are operating in the average level of emotion, if you manage to shift from the negative emotion to positive one, you will get a raise in level too and also increase your potential to even work harder and achieve what you think was impossible for you before.

Your skill set will be perfect if your mindset is working perfect, it is a believe shifting exercise, taking an example of a tree, if the roots (mindset) will be strong then the tree blossom (skill set) to its greater extent and on the other hand if the roots are weak then you won’t get anything from the tree other than a withering look. It is really important to focus on the mindset to take advantage of the skill set. You need to redevelop and reorient your mindset, rethink your emotions, rebirth and reinvent are the most important aspect in the emotions if you are facing failure.

As mentioned before that every negative emotion has a positive intent likewise every emotion has a message but it is not openly available or easy to get it, you have to be enough capacity to get your message from your emotion. You can easily do it by thinking about your current emotion and write down on the paper the 3 most important messages you can conclude from your emotion, this is actually the best way to understand your emotion and get powerful ideas to discipline them in a better way. The faster you can find your message from within your emotion, the quicker you will cross the bridge of your obstacles which leads you to the ultimate success.

The last but not least, an action plan is mandatory for a success. How can you manage your action plan? The answer is very simple, you were working to control and discipline your emotions but now you need to work on the shifting of mind to actually implement the action plan and completely change the situation you were in. The situations could be anything such as tragedy, accidents, failure, defame etc. You need to work on the motions to control the emotions and once you are successful in that, you will feel a great change in your emotions and a great shift from negative to positive would there for you as a result of your hard work.


Source by Muqtada Khalid

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