Bullying Tactics of the Australian Government Over Gay Marriage


To say that most Australians are underwhelmed and disgusted by the latest move on the part of the Federal Government is an understatement. Most are just stunned by the hate it expresses towards gay people and the wriggle tactics it is using to avoid resolving the most important question at the moment. Now it has declared there will be a postal ballot to decide the issue of gay marriage.

If that doesn’t take one’s breathe away nothing will. Already there are so many cracks in it that the quality of such a move is about as good as a wet cigarette. Many people in remote areas of Australia do not have a postal box because they don’t engage in that type of correspondence.

Aside from the many issues that people have for or against the government’s decision there are so many other factors that come into play. We have a big multicultural community with people from many religiously focused countries, such as the Muslims and Catholics. That would mean that their attitude could be greatly against such a move.

There is also the question of whether or not people will even care to return their votes. Many are already stating they won’t, and I personally feel the same way. Now there is a challenge to the High Court, lodged by a Tasmanian Senator, Andrew Wilkie, and highly supported by others, including a former judge of that institution.

The cost of this tom-foolery is some 170 million dollars. Before one chokes on their biscuit they need to also know that this government has squeezed every cent they can from the poorest of the country. Unemployment and other social security measures have been so reduced that many are living well below the poverty line.

Their excuse is because the budget is in so much debt that by taxing the lowest paid more and reducing welfare, as well as altering the Medicare system to save more money, they had to exercise these measures. As soon as one takes them to task over the mismanagement and bullying that is going on they instantly blame the Opposition.

While this is called the lucky country it is also one that has apparently lost its way through the dictatorship and bull-headedness of government members. There have been some bad Prime Ministers and governments in the past but right now they look like mavericks compared to today’s effort.

While come 26 countries have already passed laws allowing gay marriage the outright block to it in this one is unforgivable and based on religious ignorance.


Source by Norma Holt

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