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The 99 Divine Healing Names



The words Allah and God mean the essence of all things. There is nothing separate and everything is inclusive. In the Qur’an it asks Muslims to call upon Allah by his “most beautiful names. “

You don’t have to be Muslim for these words to have an effect on your life. I have found the words really powerful because they are not a language that I have learned, and so they bypass my conscious mind.

There are more than 99 Names but these are the main ones that are invoked.

At the essence of the One (this is the same as when people say we are all One in Spirit) there is no differentiation between the words, but we may use these Qualities and their different meanings to clear the veils (blocks) back to the One.

Sound Healing

Each of the Divine names can be called upon, whether it be in one’s mind or heart; chanted or silent. They work on so many levels; the level of the ego, the layers of the Heart, the Soul and the Secret, all affecting the physical body.

Aside from the spiritual meaning of each name, there is also a sound component. A well-known sound is Om in Buddhism, the 99 names are similar. They are Arabic and Arabic is considered a sacred language. If you break down the name Al-lah, each sound has a vibration and an effect.

You can break it down even further, each consonant and each vowel works at a different vibrational level.

Negative Associations of Allah

Unfortunately because of the extremists in Islam there is a negative perception of the word Allah. So if you get past the fact Allah is not a bearded man in the sky judging you, you can start to have a relationship with the Name of the One, and feel the effects of this word in your mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.

Some of the 99 Names are:

  • Ar- Rahman meaning compassion and mercy
  • Al-Fattah meaning to open and success
  • Al-Basir meaning to see
  • Al-Malik meaning sovereignty
  • and more

There are western books and apps out there where you can learn more about the 99 names and the many characteristics and qualities that each names has and works with.

You can use them to deal with a multitude of issues, ie: depression, anxiety, anger, needing help with a health issue, needing to manifest something and much more.


Source by Kate Strong

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