Support for Diabetics Struggling with Obesity

Everyone needs a little help now and then and shouldn’t be afraid to ask for it. A newly diagnosed diabetic may feel overwhelmed with the restrictions that they are faced with and not knowing how to plan meals. The support that is needed is from a dietician or nutritionist. Depending on your goals and weight a dietician can provide you with a meal plan that will meat the criteria of a healthy diabetic diet and help you lose weight.

In the beginning, the concern with a diabetic diet is to make sure you are getting enough food so your blood sugar does not drop too low. You will also want to monitor your levels to look for any spikes in your readings too. A dietician can work with you on this. If you are eating the recommended diet plan and it is not working, you are feeling hungry afterwards or your blood sugar is too high – call your dietician. He or she can work with you over the phone to make immediate changes and schedule an appointment to rework your plan.

Your dietician can also make recommendations on substitutions for your favorite foods that you were afraid you could never eat again. They will educate you on portion sizes too. There really isn’t too much that you can’t have as a diabetic as long as you are planning your meals out, getting exercise and eating in moderation.

Food guides change and your dietician or nutritionist will have the most up to date version. Try and follow it and combine foods as you have been taught by your support team. If you are unsure if something is allowable on your diabetic diet, call your dietician for advice and if you can’t reach them leave a message and hold off until you hear back from them.

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