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Reiki Healing Can Ease Your Pain


I was looking through a newspaper the other day and one thing that caught my eye was an article about the opioid crises. In this article, addiction specialist Dr Robert Lefever, spoke about how so many people are hooked on drugs that are designed to take pain away.

When this happens, someone will end up taking them for years instead of a matter of days or weeks. He didn’t blame the drugs companies, though; he pointed the finger at the doctors that are happy to keep prescribing them.

A Powerful Figure

In the western world, a doctor is often perceived as an all-powerful, all-knowing figure. Therefore, if a doctor tells someone to do something, it is unlikely that they will question what they are being told.

The fact that is has come out of this persons mouth can be seen as a sign that it is the right thing to do. Thus, if someone is in a bad way and a doctor prescribes then more pills, pills that are designed to take their pain away, why would they bat an eyelid?

Another Part

When it comes to drugs or even healing modalities, the placebo effect is often spoken about. Quite simply, this relates to the effect that one’s mind has when it comes to the impact that a drug or healing modality has on them.

In other words, what they take or what is done to them is not the only factor involved in the healing process. The way that their mind perceives what they are given or what is done will also play a part in how effective something is.

The Connection

So due to how one perceives their doctor, this person can also play a part in what effect something will have on them. Someone can then find that they feel better simply for being in their presence.

And, if this person was to give them a load of sugar pills but told one that they were powerful pain killers, they might find that they feel better after they have taken them for a while. It could be said that the placebo effect is always at work and this is because the mind can’t be cast aside.

A Number of Solutions

This doctor didn’t just talk about on what is not right or say that doctors need to change their approach, he also spoke about a number of other options that should be offered instead. There was acupuncture, transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TNS), and Reiki.

I was familiar with the first thing, hadn’t heard of the second thing, and had experienced the benefits of the last thing. From my own experience, I can say that Reiki can be used to take pain away and to heal the body.

A Real Example

A little while ago, I had a minor operation and once the anaesthetic wore off, I experienced a fair amount of pain. Fortunately, I had learnt Reiki healing many, many years ago and was able to use this healing technique on myself.

I placed my hands on the area where I felt pain and my hands soon felt incredibly warm. I did this for about half an hour and from that moment onwards, the pain was not as strong as it once was.

It’s not a Magic Wand

I continued to use Reiki on this area for a number of days and for the same amount of time each time, which caused the pain to diminish even more. It was then not that I did it once and then everything was fine – I was consistent with it.

In the same way that a pill needs to be taken on a regular basis to work, Reiki healing also needs to be experienced on a regular basis to have a big impact. That is, of course, unless it doesn’t, and one or a few sessions is enough.

Final Thoughts

After reading this you may believe that Reiki healing can assist you and be open to giving it a go or you may be sceptical. If you are sceptical, I can relate to what you are experiencing as I can also be very sceptical.

However, the best thing may be for you to give it a go and to see what happens. If you are in pain, and this pain has been with you for a while, it must surely be worth a go?


Source by Oliver JR Cooper

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