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Raw Red Penis? 6 Tips for Healing


Although a man may enjoy the process by which he gets a raw, red penis – for example, by engaging in hours of blissful sex, often with the penis be handled in a rough but thoroughly delightful manner – he may afterwards wish he had exercised a little restraint. As penis health issues go, a raw, red penis is uncomfortable and inconvenient, but it is something that a little well-planned healing can take care of with (hopefully) no lasting damage.

So for the man who smiles beatifically at the thought of the devilish activities that have rendered his penis sore and tender to the touch, the following tips for healing that red penis may prove beneficial.

Healing tips

– Give it a rest. First and foremost, a man who has gained a red penis from overuse and rough handling needs to man up and give the poor fellow a bit of a rest. Granted, this can be hard to do. With thoughts in his mind about the sexual gymnastics he so recently enjoyed still fresh in his mind, many a man is tempted to jump right back in the saddle – whether that saddle involves another companion or simply his own hand. But no matter how tempted he may be, the dude will be better off if he exercises a little self-control and lets the healing process complete. Otherwise, he'll end up in even worse shape.

– Avoid temptation. With that said, it behooves a man to not invite temptation. While giving his penis a rest, he should also avoid triggers – favorite porn videos, conversations with a titillating co-worker, etc. – likely to cause his penis to pop up and beg for some attention.

– Choose clothing carefully. Sure, a guy may enjoy advertising his best qualities by wearing tight pants and perhaps going commando. But that's not going to help the worn-out penis. A little looseness in the cut of the trousers keeps the manhood from rubbing up against cloth – and wearing soft cotton underwear is going to soothe it more than the feel of rough wool or too-smooth polyester.

– Run free at home. Of course, at home and in private (or with the understanding of a roommate), it can be helpful to let the penis air out totally. Hanging out naked (or at least pants-less and underwear-less) helps speed up the healing process.

– Cool it. Depending on how raw and sore it is, many a red penis responds well to a little cold compress. Sure, he'll shrink and withdraw from it at first – but the coolness can be especially soothing and can encourage him to settle down as well.

– Watch the chemicals. When the penis is in a sore and raw state, it is even more susceptible to irritants. For that reason, be careful to avoid any cleansers or soaps that might irritate it. Mild soaps are good, and nothing that includes any fragrances should be used. The same goes for laundry detergents; the fewer harsh ingredients it contains, the better the penis will feel.

Healing a raw, red penis can take some time and effort. Things can go better and more smoothly if a guy makes a practice of applying a first rate penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) regularly. For best results, look for a crème that can properly and thoroughly moisturize the poor penis. A crème with both a high end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (like vitamin E) is urged. In addition, penis skin will be more resilient if a crème with a potent antioxidant is used, such as alpha lipoic acid. This will enable the skin to better fight excess free radicals, which otherwise can cause oxidative damage.


Source by John Dugan

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