Obesity and Pre-Diabetes

You can be diagnosed with pre-diabetes before you actually get diabetes. In pre-diabetes you have higher than normal blood sugars but they are not at the level that they would need to be in order to be considered diabetic. If you are obese or severely overweight and pre-diabetic there are steps you can take to put off the actual diagnosis of diabetes or prevent it.

The same test is used for pre-diabetes as it is for diabetes. Once you find out that you have pre-diabetes you can make a plan with your doctor to prevent the onset of the disease. By losing weight and either adding or increasing your level of physical activity you can delay diabetes for quite sometime. There have been people who have gone on to maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise and have remained in the pre- diabetic phase for their lives.

If you are not able to get down to your goal weight, just losing a small amount can be beneficial. It takes an additional strain off of your body by lessening the need of the amount of insulin that is produced. There are many other benefits that you will also get by reducing your body weight including increased energy and cardiovascular health.

Most times, doctors do not test for diabetes unless there are risk factors present including age (over 45 years old). But if you are considered obese, your doctor will probably order the appropriate glucose test each year at your physical examination to check for pre- diabetes and diabetes.

There are not always symptoms present when you have pre diabetes. But if you are experiencing any of the signs that could signal the full disease such as an increased thirst and need to urinate, make an appointment with your doctor for a check-up.

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