My Drug, My Bread And My Appetizer


Your love letters are my appetizer

Your guffawing is my drug

And you’re my daily bread chaser…

Ha ha, you swear… I’m your ladybug,

Who you’d always keep fuller,

But now you swell…It’s you I brag!

Gotcha! My appetizer, I grab you first

Here are those words that you burst:


I miss you, I miss you so much

I cannot wait to be with you…

And kiss you and hold you in my arms.

I have so many love and hugs to give you

My love for you and my feelings are present

And it’s growing and glowing every day.

Each day I would discover you,

Each day you are different,

Each day you are beautiful,

Each day everything is all new…

Each day my love for you would remain

Very strong that I’d have it hard to contain!

Each day I love you with all my heart!

And I promise we will never be apart…

Oh, I am sick of love for you

Henceforth, today

If you want to hurt me, you can…

I am at your knees!

I am your love on the altar of sacrifice.

If you had ever had wished…

You can tear my heart at every moment,

And I am not afraid to love you,

You are someone special and different…

With you my scars have been healed

And all my fears have vanished…

I already know that I will share much with you,

I already know I am going through a lot with you,

I already know I will stay with you

until the end of my days…

My heart and my mind are wide open for you…

Oh, my love is open at great day for you!

I love you deeply…I believe in you

Forever, with grace…

Yes! Truly these words are MY APPETIZER

Next you’d enhance my day with a booster…

Because you’d let me eat you any time I’d plea

Likewise you’d never ever want to leave me

or look your way out, ‘coz with me you feel free

Hahaha, we’d always find our days end with glee!

Ah! MY BREAD, you’d give me all the nutrients I need

As we breathe together with our true loving seed.

When I drink you up MY DRUG, my master

Like cocaine, Oh my… you got me so addicted

I wouldn’t have a day without your dopey laughter

You’re my heart-sore…you got me so captivated.

“Yes, hear me all my dear Folks!

Take delight in my Chef’ stroke…

He’d bake faces- a wry face, a wince, a glower

So that with him, I wouldn’t ever get bore

Though I would try his glances to ignore

Still here I am, I crave for him! Even I’d get sour

With all of the sound of his freaky snore…

Hehehe… Very strange! Because those lion’s roar

Would only sound-like the jazz music I adore…

And with it, never would give me a bit of a bother

So funny…I’d sleep deeply sound and even soar…

In the morning I would rush up to the platter

When I’d hear the wake up call of a rooster

But never from the clinch of my sweet and wild boar

You bet, I’d yearn for him more… he’d pet me to endure…”

Gosh! You spoil me with your French kiss

With all of your love appetizer to taste…

As much as I could have you all embraced

You’re all mine to feel full and be blazed!

You always give me the best of your all,

All the fun and laughter that I needed

My love, you’re my drug, and my soul

You alone I would ever get me addicted…

Every day with you is an awe-inspiring ball

With all of your love recipes I would deserve,

Oh, my daily bread you’re unique from them all,

I would have you always loved and preserved…


Source by Abeille Amore

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