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Make Time to Heal


The course of life can lead to many roads. As a child we don’t have much say about anything. As a young adult we can begin to make choices; some lead to pleasure, while others lead to pain. We may not realize that some of those choices determine the direction of much of our adult lives.

If we grew up in a dysfunctional home we may repeat some of the same mistakes that caused us pain while growing up. When we make similar mistakes that our parents made they can lead to a cyclical pattern of emotional pain. If you were abused, neglected or abandoned you suffered some degree of emotional trauma. Recognizing emotional deficiencies is the first step.

Not everyone processes emotional pain the same

Getting help for emotional issues requires humility and courage. The fact that emotional pain isn’t outwardly visible; often results in denial; which leads to not pursuing any form of help. Not everyone processes emotional pain the same.

Imagine – two people lose their job. One person goes home and is sad, yet not over taken by emotions. The other person is also terminated; he leaves the work-site and returns in a fit of rage. Why? No one can pinpoint all of the reasons two persons experience identical circumstances yet respond differently.

Whenever someone experiences unexpected tragedy in life: there is a process or method that intuitively begins to take place. The Kubler-Ross model states there are 5 stages to grief and loss. They are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Each person is unique therefore there is no specific order or amount of time that dictates how brief or lengthy this process takes. The Kubler-Ross model identifies the emotional occurrences that one might experience due to sudden loss or grief.

Inner healing takes time

Inner healing takes time. Whenever an individual is stuck and seems unable to move past any specific emotion professional help may be the best out. All too often hurting people don’t identify themselves as needing help until things have gotten way out of hand.

Self-Love is a good starting point for healing. Love and forgiveness are equally important for emotional well-being. Struggles can build character if we process our emotions in a healthy way. Feeling alone, forgotten and misunderstood is common to man: being stuck in these emotions isn’t. It takes strength, courage, perseverance and support to overcome tragedy. Not everyone will overcome; some will remain stuck in grief. No matter what we say or do for them some will not move forward. It’s at this point that we should maintain a loving heart towards them; and set boundaries when necessary.

God will often use people to help other people navigate through difficult times. Those that overcome obstacles in their personal lives can be strength to those who are struggling

Your past is your reality, not your destiny

If you have been unable to move forward from grief after an extended amount of time, don’t blame yourself. If you have unresolved emotional pain, grief, or bitterness don’t lose hope. I’d like to encourage you to make it a point to seek professional and spiritual help to heal. Don’t settle for pain being your lot in life. Instead take courage; press past your wounds until you experience wholeness. Make peace with your pain. Your past is your reality, not your destiny.

God wants to heal you and restore peace to your life. There are many dedicated professionals such as; social workers, psychologist, psychiatrist and therapist who are available to help you.

In addition there are qualified pastors and ministers who can help guide you to inner peace. Finding the right help might not be as hard as you imagine. Getting started is the first step. Make getting help a priority and be consistent. Recognize when it’s time to stop dealing with your troubles on your own. If your efforts have failed to yield notable results it’s time to reach out for help. If you’ve gotten results that only provide temporary relief this indicates the need for a new method. Get professional help.

Don’t let excuses keep you from becoming emotionally sound. Be humble; bold and courageous by taking the necessary steps to acquire victory. Be willing to do the work to get results.

There are many reasons you shouldn’t give up on being restored. Do it for yourself, and those who love you. Expect healing to take place. Expect relief to come and grief to be gone. You are worth the fight. Everything in your life won’t be summoned up in a day; reach for healing anyway. It takes time to heal; Healing is a process.

Give your pain over to God; He is able to take on the caresof the world without being overburdened.

Instead of suppressing old emotional wounds, confront them, make peace with them, and then let them go. Turn your pain over to God; He is able to take on the care-of the whole world without being overburdened.

Make a decision to be the best you, that you’ve ever been; starting right now! Get a grip on yourself so you can take charge of your future. Step out of your place of barely getting by. Put away all the things you’ve used to self-medicate. Trust someone to help you move past your pain. Healing is available!

Come out of your place of hiding; there is no healing there! There is no resolution in a private box! Mankind was not created to become an island. People were created to relate to other humans. Help is waiting, Are you ready? Your healing is waiting for you!

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

1Peter 5:7 NLT


Source by Elaine P Jones

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