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How Exactly Does The Salt Water Cure Work?


The Salt Water Cure is one of the most effective cures for negative energy in Feng Shui. Many people question how it works. That question is a difficult one to answer satisfactorily for many. You must remember there are certain enhancements, cures or remedies in Feng Shui that require a leap of faith more than an exact scientific explanation.

The Salt Water Cure has been used for thousands of years by Feng Shui Masters. Salt Water has also been a integral part of religions around the world (or example its inclusion in Holy Water). As well, medically, doctors in the present have been using it for many different purposes including injecting it into patients who have frozen shoulder syndrome, and getting better results than with surgery. We know that is works because it has throughout time. However let me try to be a little scientific (and I mean a little as that is not my background!) Negative Energy fills the air from a number of sources.

Bad flying stars entering different cycles, previous owners or tenants, violence, arguments, ill health as well as power grids, computer and TVs (which all transmit positively charged ions) Salt Water cures release negative charged ions that neutralize positively charged ions. When you are by the sea or close to moving water in nature the air is filled with negatively charged ions, and we are hoping to duplicate or to create that incredible environment in your home. Some say that living in a environment charged with negative ions is the same as filling your body with nutritional food full of vitamins! You are surrounded by the best air possible.

Another option to increase the air quality and rid your environment of negative energy is with Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps, which work in the same way.They are made from salt crystal rocks and release negative ions when used. They are excellent when faced with health issues, and can be used in a variety of ways including:


Use a triangular lamp when you need the element of fire or round to help enhance the metal element


You can also combine colour therapy with these rock salt lamps by using; Red is the traditional colour that is good to helps with tiredness and low blood pressure. Yellow is Good for spiritual pursuits and those wishing to grow within themselves. Orange is for creative pursuits and freedom and Green is for adding adding balance to your life

The Salt Water Cure and Rock Salt Lamps for some defy explanation. But what harm can it do? Why not give it a try!

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