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Heal Your Life Or Cure it – The Difference Between Healing and Curing


We often hear of prayers for successful healing and other stories of people who have had miraculous cures. Recently I learned a friend who'd had tumors in several places throughout his body had learned that the tumors were gone completely. His doctors were stunned and couldn't explain it.

While that was very good news, it also may have demonstrated the power of healing prayers. My friend had asked our group to pray for his healing and we did. But of course, we can never be sure how much our prayers contributed to the disappearance of the tumors and how much his own wonderful attitude and philosophy of life and health was responsible for the miracle.

While we prayed, treated, meditated, for healing, what we really wanted was a cure. There is a very big difference between curing and healing, although the lines between them often are blurred. When I pray and meditate for a loved one who has a problem, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise, I start by asking for healing.

To me, healing means reaching a point of wholeness and peace, no matter what the physical condition or situation may be. I believe it is possible to have a terminal illness, but to be healed though the illness eventually takes the life. On the other hand, to be cured means that the illness goes away or is "fixed."

Sometimes a person who survives something as serious as cancer, then needs time to heal, even though he or she may have been cured, like my friend was cured of his tumors. Healing will mean taking time to think about what happened and to reach conclusions about life and death and to consider the lessons learned by the experience. While a cure may be found in a short period of time, healing can take a longer time but lead to a better quality of life.

Healing is closure, but does not mean that the lessons learned are over or that more cannot be learned. Healing leads to personal and spiritual growth. Curing means that we get to live longer and to work on healing. I sometimes think that we spend a lifetime healing.

While curing comes from an outside source, such as a wonder drug, healing always comes from the same source, from within. When a loved one is sick or dying, first we want a cure, so that we do not lose that one, but ultimately, we realize that death is inevitable and what we really all need in the end, is healing. From a place of wholeness we can face all of life's challenges.


Source by Wil Langford

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