Exposed – How to Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally


Hemorrhoids are a misery both men and women must fact from time to time. No one enjoys having this problem, and curing hemorrhoids can be a very difficult thing. It is a common ailment, one experienced by half the people who have turned fifty. Still, it isn’t easy to find a simple remedy or to forget how much better life seemed before it happened.

One common cure for hemorrhoids is aloe vera. People who apply to this inflamed area swear by it. This is a natural remedy anyone can use with little difficulty. Pain may disappear in a matter of days. Users suggest you apply it twice a day. Be sure to cleanse your hands before and after you apply it.

Another natural cure is apple cider vinegar. Simply lay on an application and itching will vanish in no time at all. Bleeding will also slow down, too. Some people prefer to drink the vinegar. They claim this will cure the bleeding and protruding hemorrhoids. You may have to drink the apple cider vinegar three times each day. Some people apply the apple cider vinegar to cotton balls, then apply these to their hemorrhoids. There are a few people who complain it burns at first, but this problem disappears after awhile.

Another cure is witch hazel wipes. A lot of people apply them after each bowel movement. In addition, there are people who will tell you vitamin B6 is a great aid. They take doses of 200 milligrams. Others take rutin or bioflavonoids.

One more secret is avocado seed. You simply pour the avocado seed into filtered water. Strain this and add some honey. Drink it throughout the day. Soon your hemorrhoids will disappear.

The old fashioned way of treating hemorrhoids includes sitting in a warm bath for about ten minutes each day. Fill your tub with hot water and add lavender or juniper. The entire body will get relaxed and painful symptoms will be relieved. Or you can try ice packs to alleviate the swelling. Others suggest you apply petroleum jelly and cortisone creams. Also, it’s suggested you should wear cotton underwear and loose clothing. Finally, you can clean the anus after your bowel movements with a moist towelette or a moistened pad. Don’t forget about acetaminophen and aspirin.

Eat fiber. Fiber helps to get the bowels to move. You should try to eat 25 to 30 grams of fiber each day. Some sources of fiber are breakfast cereals that have 10 grams of fiber per serving. Also, you want to eat fresh fruit, beans, prunes, and vegetables. Asparagus, cabbage, carrots, corn, and broccoli make excellent choices. You can’t forget to drink a lot of water to make this fiber work well. Eating fiber won’t make a change for two or three days.

Some people recommend kegel exercises for relief. All you have to do is try to stop your flow when you urinate. You squeeze your tummy muscles and make your pelvic muscles do all the work. You may also have to squeeze your leg muscles as well. The kegel exercises will help get your hemorrhoids to move inside.

All of this takes a lot of patience. You can probably find the best method for you if you are willing to give things a try. Be patient. It isn’t easy. But who knows how soon you’ll feel relief and be on the road to freedom? Then your life will be back to normal and you’ll be happier than you’ve been in a long time.

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