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Drug Use – Advantages and Disadvantages


Rampant, often unchecked use of drugs is a malaise that has been plaguing our society, and especially our younger generation for quite some time. It has grown quickly from a psychological bad malaise, a bad habit to a dangerous social evil, and in many countries, invite strict punitive action. Countries across the world try to combat this evil using combination’s of public awareness regarding the evils of drug use, severe clampdowns on drug usage/trafficking and penal impositions. However, this is still not enough as drug trafficking has proliferated across social strata, and is not limited to isolated groups of the society. So why exactly is drug usage considered to be one of the most debilitating and potentially dangerous of social evils?

One of the most primary reasons why consumption and business dealings on drugs are declared illegal internationally is because of the tremendous damage they cause to the human body. Drugs usually are of two kinds, and act as general nervous stimulants that can almost supercharge the brain and the nervous system for brief amounts of time. For that amount of time, the user has no sense of personal identity and this phase is usually described as a phase of euphoric detachment, while the user loses common consciousness. However, this effect is fleeting and does not last long. Drug-induced euphoria lasts for a very short time, usually culminating in sever hangovers and strains on the human body, which might manifest in physical and psychological reactions.

Drugs are generally hallucinogenic compounds that are primarily of two types, Organic and inorganic. Organic drugs are usually extracted from plants, and processed and consumed usually by burning them like tobacco. Inorganic compounds are much more difficult to obtain, as they are manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories and are generally available in the form of tablets, pills and fluid solutions. Scientific studies have actually revealed that inorganic drugs/narcotic agents are more life-threatening and potentially debilitating in nature than their organic counterparts, even though prolonged drug use of either could result in serious consequences.

It might be said that drug use is actually dependent on more than one conditions and criterion. There are, in reality, numerous reasons that increase the usage of drugs within a particular demographic cross-section. These reasons could range from social, psychological, economical or just out of biological dependency. One reason why sustained usage of drug is deemed so dangerous to life and health is that it creates a sense of dependency within the user, who feels habituated by the use of drugs. Irrespective of the original stimulus, the consumption of drug becomes the primary objective in these cases, and the user often goes to extreme lengths to maintain the habit of drug use.

Presently, there are widespread efforts to contain if not eradicate drug use within a particular section of the society through governmental as well as non-governmental/individual efforts. General awareness, support groups, supportive rehabilitation centers and clinics that help drug abusers have now become popular, and much sought after to help individuals kick this habit.


Source by Efti Babu

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