Why Multilevel Marketing Recruiters Will Not Tell You What Business It is


Have you ever noticed that a Multi level marketing recruiter will not tell you what type of business they are in but rather talking generalities? Why do they do this? Well it is simple if they don't do it this way they will not be able to recruit anybody because if you knew it was a multi level marketing pyramid scheme you would sign up and you would not listen to all of their BS.

The elusive tactics of the level marketing recruiter are insanely obvious and it is fun to watch them dance around the issue and play games and watch them try to manipulate people in these meetings. Have you ever sat in a coffee shop and listen to the multi-level marketing recruiter pull some kind of scam business on another person sitting and listening to their light of BS. I have and I have heard these recruitments meetings at coffee shops and coffee shop bookstores throughout the nation in my travels.

Why I have become apalled at the rhetoric and BS and complete disregard for reality that I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission and wrote a 156 page letter in the FTC rulemaking session to see that multi level marketers are stopped from these fraudulent pyramid schemes, fraud and misrepresentations and promises they make to those they try to recruit. I hope that someday the government will actually enforce their laws on the people who are breaking them rather than going after larger companies and trying to extort millions of dollars from them.

We must stop multilevel marketing recruiters from lying. I have nothing against multi level marketing business and I understand how it works and the business model makes sense for so many reasons however the larger attrition levels and other things that go on in multi level marketing through the sponsors and the down line are often so very wrong. This must be stopped because it is a lie. Consider this 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow

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