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What is the Difference Between Direct Sales & Multi-Level Marketing


Multi-level marketing is one of the most popular ways in which anyone can start their own home based global business. It is a dynamic business model that has created many millionaires in the past, present and will no doubt continue to do so in the future. Just a small percentage of the world wide market spend every day would give anybody the opportunity to transform their lives.

The business model usually has unique products or services, complete with a ready made website on offer, allowing each distributor an independent opportunity to build their own six figure income business at an incredibly low start up cost. Naturally that is an attractive business model to most people new to the world of business ownership and is a fast, usually low cost way in which to start working part-time on a business that can replace your working income in a short to medium term timescale.


As the saying goes, it if was easy, everyone would be successful and a common misconception seems to be if one person thinks it is a great idea surely thousands of others will too. Whether or not you believe the internet has changed the way in which business will be carried out in the future or not, when broadband started to deliver information in seconds all over the world the way in which people can become well informed about the unknown changed everything.


The multi-level marketing business model changed when the unique products and services became available from almost everywhere online. This creates several problems that can be difficult to overcome. Distributors struggle to be able to get customers in sufficient numbers but even more importantly the business model relies on leveraging the efforts of many levels of distributors in order to create the residual income element most people spend years trying to achieve.


Direct sales has been around for a very long time and is the based around selling high ticket products, services and experiences which command higher margins and upfront commissions and are increasingly becoming a viable alternative to multi-level marketing.


In the offline marketplace Direct Sales business models are commonplace, ranging from mortgages and other financial products, through cars and designer clothing all the way down to log cabins and fitted kitchens. The equivalent online usually offers unique information that has to be of extraordinary value for it to survive and compete with the more popular multi-level marketing industry. The most successful are linked to building wealth and being able to create an alternative lifestyle.

For most people looking to create a residual income online or offline in the network marketing world there is now even more choice with a much higher chance of early profitability than ever before.


Source by Diane Cossie

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