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The 2 Fatal Mistakes Online Business Owners Make With Customer Service


Customer service can make or break your business, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to an eCommerce business in particular. When someone comes to your website to make a purchase, you have to realize that they are choosing you over thousands of other stores on the web.

What are you going to do to not only close the deal, but make sure they are satisfied after the delivery?

Having excellent customer service will be key, but you have to avoid these two common mistakes to make sure you can keep your new customer coming back time and time again.

1. Not Being Accessible

People have issues trusting stores on the internet these days. With so many scams out there, you have to show that your company is a trustworthy source for whatever it is you happen to be selling. One of the ways you can do that is by making your customer service department very accessible.

This doesn’t just mean listing a phone number in the header, which instantly adds credibility, it also means having other options that you can be reached through, like live chat, email, and even social media. By making yourself accessible, you give people reassurance that you’ll be there should any problems arise with their order.

And, in today’s world where a lot of people don’t have the time to speak on the phone, live chat is definitely the way to go in most situations. Have a chat box automatically pop up on the website so people can get in touch with you without searching for a hidden “Contact Us” link.

2. Not Following Up

The second biggest mistake an online business can make when it comes to customer service is not following up with buyers after they have made a purchase. You should invest in an email list and autoresponder to make sure that every customer is emailed a “thank you” for their purchase email, a delivery confirmation, and then a follow-up email a few days later to see if they like what they are getting.

This follow-up email is also the ideal time to ask for a review, which can help boost your reputation even more. If they happen to be unsatisfied with the product, you greatly reduce the risk of chargebacks or returns just by offering to make it right for them up-front. Instead, you might be able to settle with store credit or an exchange.


Source by Jon Allo

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