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Sweden – Utopia For Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Business


The general thought and notion of the Swede is for them to be reserved, quiet and maybe stick to themselves more then other more outspoken and spontaneous populations.

Is this really a good environment for a multi level marketing business to thrive and for its representatives to earn not only additional income but considerable salaries?

Well, that is not the truth about the Swede, so Yes.

Sweden is a great market for networking and MLM business.

The facts paints a completely different picture.

• Sweden is in the 6th nation in Europe in direct selling.

• Usually make-up, juices, cleaning supplies, nutrition etc

Federation of European Direct Selling Associations,

“European Direct Selling Statistics – 2010 Retail Sales”. 2010. Accessed Jan 28 2011.

Key Indicators

• Direct selling has increased with an average 10% per year over the last 5 years

• 95% is part time and 5% is full time within direct selling

• 95% is part time and 5% is full time with direct selling

• 75% women and 25% are men

Some of the products that through time have been most prominent in the Swedish market are:

• Cosmetic, Skin- and Body products

• Laundry – Cleaning Supplies and House-ware

• Groceries, Nutritional Products

• Books

• Child Clothes

Sweden is THE place to be for any multi-level marketing, direct selling or network marketing business that wants to go for the masses. To add on to the already existing growing population of marketers in Sweden, there is now an explosive demand for home based Internet companies with a low initial start up cost. For any Swede who wants to get serious and wants to get into the business, find yourself a good solid business, which fits your interest and market. Find a team within that business that you would like to work with, get excited, get going and never quit!

The general conception is that this type of business is only for the young and technology savvy individuals… The largest growing age segment on Facebook is the 60+. That means that all these baby-boomers, who are set to control the global markets over the next 20 years, are now connecting on Facebook. The marketers and companies who tap into that “network” will have a large potential lead pool.

With the changing population of participants in the online communities and with the statistics above, we show Sweden to be a fruitful direct selling market. If you know someone or have connections on the Swedish market. Go for it!

“European Direct Selling Statistics – 2010 Retail Sales”


Source by Jonas Carlsward

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