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How To Find A Good MLM Opportunity!


How to find a good honest MLM Company after investing precious time and money with maxed out credit card debt, multiple failures, and not knowing what to do next is the reality many people experience.

After working on-line for years, with more failures than successes; I learned how to create a financial freedom lifestyle by research, careful thought, planning and being comfortable with a business

Jane wanted something to help supplement her retirement income. A friend introduced her to an online marketing opportunity that could accumulate wealth and Jane didn’t need to do anything but set it and forget it. The company did the work and she just received a weekly check.

She signed up with no money for this business convinced that the first year she could earn ten thousand dollars a month passive income. But then her free sign-up came with an up sell including admin fee, a twenty-nine dollar monthly website fee to use the back office, and the company offered a marketing system for twenty-nine dollars a month.

Two months later Jane quit, but immediately signed up with another company and continued joining business after business. Nothing worked. Jane learned the hard way after losing thousands of dollars that getting involved an MLM Company needed serious consideration.

If you’re like Jane and are spending more money than you’re earning; chances are you’ve made a mistake. Are you working in a field that you’re interested in, enjoy and won’t stress you to the breaking point? Are you comfortable using the product and selling it? Are you willing to recruit other people and help train them? If you answered no to any of these questions; it’s time for a new start.

A few tips to help you get starting in the right direction.

  1. Decide how much time you want or need to work a business.
  2. Look for a company that sells products that you would use.
  3. Read the product labels. If you’re comfortable then buy the product.
  4. Research the company, look at the Better Business Bureau Rating.
  5. Check to see if this company is in good standing with the Direct Selling Association.
  6. Learn about the Founders/Management of the company (and research those people.) Are they trustworthy?

When you finally chose a company, read carefully the policies/rules/disclaimers and privacy statement.

MLM marketing is a business that requires planning, setting goals, action, and time. Marketing strategies are critical and can become marketing tragedies; market with caution.

Remember this; Everyone is not your customer. And everyone is not interested in joining an MLM Opportunity.

I’ve only touched the surface about how to find business that you could be successful at working and also have fun doing it.

People buy from people; not companies. Brand yourself not the company. That company may not always work out or stay in business. By branding yourself you can move on and keep your followers.


Source by Patricia A Gaines

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