The tradition before now was that Media Houses used to be settled to whitewash the image of an Administration. When President Buhari came in, he shut the door to those back hand, unethical and corrupt practices and by so doing incurred the wrath of the Media (some of whom even had to refund monies received from the Colonel Dasuki largesse).

The consequence is the present clearly visible gang up, hostility and deliberate ploy to always twist comments and issues concerning the Buhari administration to suit their unpatriotic and selfish agenda.

Let us remind Journalists and the Media at large of who President Buhari is, in case they have forgotten; President Buhari is a steel gate, he is ready to absorb all vibrational shocks and frequencies from anyone; he is a leader and a father who is not like the typical ‘shine shine’ politician who tells the people what he thinks they want to hear.

He promised Nigerians in 2014, “… to tell you everything the way they are, I will never hide anything from you.”

When a man of such impeccable character and integrity as President Buhari promised such, what were you expecting?

To you Nigerian Youth, read the transcript or watch the video of President Buhari’s comments for yourself;
1. You will not see the word ‘lazy’ mentioned anywhere.
2. You will also not find the word ‘youth’ anywhere in the comment.

So what’s the motive of those who deliberately twisted that comment to include those two words and ended up with “Buhari said Nigerian youths are lazy”? Your guess is as good as ours.

As for you who found it easier to use your data to promote and believe a lie than using it to search for the facts yourself, remember that intellectual laziness is equally laziness.

Moving forward, are you under 30 years of age and uneducated and don’t have a job and still believe that Nigeria is an oil-producing country, and for that reason, you expect free healthcare, free education and free housing? If your answer is YES, then, President Buhari talked about YOU! No apologies.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s comment was surrounded by so many conditions, which narrowed it down to a particular cadre of people, and not ALL NIGERIAN YOUTHS.

No doubt there are youths with an over bloated sense of entitlement and a defective victim mentality but there are many of our youths who are definitely not lazy. Many who are disciplined, well educated, intelligent, dilligent and examplary; contributing daily to the growth of their families, communities, the Nation and the World – from the likes of world famous Chimamanda, Phyno, Davido etc to the everyday Ada, Okon, Musa, Ireti working hard daily on the streets or in the schools.

Those are clearly not the people President Buhari referred to and the world knows it.

However, the corrupt Media would always have their way of manipulating any and everything. But they will keep failing.

After all the argy-bargy about President Buhari’s comments in the UK, the same youths still continue to demonstrate their unshakable love for our dear President, because they know he actually did not speak in derogation of them. He rather opened up to the world to see where they could come in to help, and eventually, Royal Dutch Company in conjunction with Shell BP appealed to President Buhari for a chance of a whopping $15Billion investment in Nigeria, so that the jobless under 30 youths would have jobs and further provide for themselves and their dependants.

So, who won in the end? The same youths won, and that is the spirit of a good father and leader displayed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Please, do not allow the crooked, selfish and unprofessional Media to mislead your emotions against Buhari. He means well for all Nigerians, and wants the best for all of us especially the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow.

He needs our sincere support to make Nigeria work better for all.

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