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Why Ringless Voicemail Is a Preferred Choice for Every Marketer


With the advancements in different innovative technologies, the growth of the telecommunication sector has also been getting advanced tremendously. Ringless Voicemail Drops has now become the most reliable, flexible and non-intrusive technology which allows the marketers and agents to notify their clients about promotional messages or reminders.

Without the need to call them directly and disturbing their daily activities, the voicemail drop service always makes it possible for the marketers to record their customized prerecorded voice message on their mobile phones.

Here are four important reasons that make the technology a preferred choice for everyone;

  1. Non-aggravating technology:

The purpose of voicemail drop solutions is not to disturb the recipient of your message in any way, especially during busy hours. There would be no noisy ringtone or an accidental call if you are busy with family or attending a business meeting.

Without even making the call to your user, the technology helps you send the voice messages directly to their voicemail box. The marketers and agents would be notified when the message will be delivered. This service is much flexible to both the users and the agents.

  1. Highly appreciated response rate:

The technology is basically considered as the easily operable among other communication methods. It frequently shows a great increment in the responsiveness as there are almost 95% people who constantly listen to the voicemail, and this usually quite higher than answering a call.

This expected increased can usually reach up to 96% within 24 hours. There are different activities that are bound to occur and enhancing your business opportunities. According to the surveys in the US, there are more than 556 million cell phones which have been using currently, so this voicemail drop would have a massive demographic and targeted population.

  1. Cost-effective solutions:

Implementation of ringless voicemail solutions is much affordable and marketers are required to pay for successful drops only. If the message has been ignored by the user, then there would be no extra costs charged. Rates can even go as low as 8.5 cents for a single message delivered, and the subscriber would never be charged; so you won't have to deal with the complaining customers related to any issue.

Furthermore, with these low prices, the length of your recorded voicemail would not be limited. You can simply leave the message regardless of its length without any additional costs since the charges would be according to per message and not minute.

  1. Carries much extensive capacity:

Ringless voicemail solutions are not only user-friendly and inexpensive, but they can be frequently used to reach the maximum number of people. In just a one hour duration, hundreds even thousands of voice messages will be dropped into the user's voicemail box. There are many companies that have more than 70,000 ports which are specialized enough to support high campaign volume.

This single platform is efficient enough to host numerous actions that include Ringless voicemail, IVR survey and voice broadcasting.

It's important to get the advantages of this advanced solution for enhanced business productivity.


Source by Ambreen Sajjad

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