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Secrets of MLM Multi Level Marketing in Asia


Many Multi Level Marketers are looking to Asia as a place to expand their down line. Indeed this is a very smart move for a whole lot of reasons. For instance there are more people who are in those nations than in the United States. In Asian countries MLM makes more sense due to the culture and the open-air markets and the way people socialize.

In Asian markets Multi Level Marketing is growing quite fast along with “Buzz Marketing” in Japan with the younger teens and young adults, mostly due to culture. In the United States people are different, family members are not as close as they probably should be, and I am not talking about you if you are an American, so do not take this personally. I am sure “you’re okay” and I know “I am Okay,” but MLM really seems to work better in other types of cultures.

This is not to say that MLM does not work well in the United States, as there is evidence of a some folks who have indeed become wealthy doing it. Of course some of those who do not make much doing it are partly caught up in the stigma from negative things being said, detractors, regulatory agency warnings and a few abuses of the past. Some MLM companies have in the past peddled it like “snake skin oil” or cows that have been at the watering hole too long, you see?

In many Asian markets there is less awareness of this and therefore it is less likely to be immediately rejected. Compounded with the fact that in Asia family and friends cultural society norms are much different you see? So if you are considering expanding an MLM business you should consider some of your future down line to be in Asia. Think on this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow

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