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How to Overcome MLM Challenges – Multi Level Marketing Tips For Success


There are plenty of helpful tips available to help you overcome your MLM challenges. In my opinion most of the challenges we face in MLM are avoidable but only if you start off on the right path. When I am faced with a challenge in my primary opportunity its usually around developing new techniques for marketing, lack of customers, or lack of money. As business owners in the field of MLM we are faced with difficult challenges but they aren’t unlike those that any other business owner faces. We do face different challenges because of the nature of our business but if you plan for the unexpected and have a vision for the day-to-day operations of your company you’ll be able to thrive in your business.

Every day businesses are birthed around the world within a dynamic and formidable marketplace where only the toughest survive. If you are in the network marketing industry you know that our environment is particularly fickle and can be a tough training ground for the almost 25,000 people that join Multi-level marketing business everyday in the U.S. and the 95% that fail within their first year.

Most people join network marketing companies not recognizing the importance of having a vision for how their business will grow and function in its infancy. There is concept that many large corporations use to lead their work on a daily basis and I think that it can be particularly effective for network marketers. Its called Strategic Planning. Planning is not a new concept to business corporations but it might be to those that don’t know about its extreme effectiveness for providing a roadmap for any business for periods of 6-months, to 3 years, to 20 years.

By understanding the importance of this process and the questions that go into taking you through it, you can gain a better sense of preparedness for your company’s growth. As someone new to this industry you need as much structure in the beginning as possible to understand how to plan and set and meet your goals. By taking the first step in this process you will exhibit your commitment to your business and your leadership for your organization.

You have to believe in something yourself first, before you can get others to believe.– Ashraf Seddeck, Oracle Corporation.

What does your company do?

What product or service do you provide?

What is your mission statement?

What are your company’s values?

What is your plan for your first 30 days, 6 months, 1 year?

What are your weaknesses/strengths?

How will you market your business?

Who is your competition?

What might be challenges that prevent you from reaching your goal?

What is your plan to grow your business over the next 12 months?

What is your plan for recruiting for your business?

What resources do you have to build your business?

What is your budget for your business?

What does your organization look like and what types of people are your recruiting?

What actions are you taking on a daily basis to build your business?


Source by Inger L McDowell

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