Evangelicals and Multi-Level Marketing


If you haven't noticed, it seems that large numbers of evangelical Christians seem to flock to network marketing opportunities. One might ask the question, "Are evangelicals trying to hijack the network marketing industry?" Well, if you look deeper into some of the core values ​​of people who follow Christ, you will find that many gravitate to network marketing because of their faith! Let me explain further!

Evangelical Christians tend to be very family oriented. People who desire lots of quality time with their family love network marketing because it allows them to work from home and set their own schedules.

Evangelicals tend to be very generous and desire to earn money, so they can leverage it for their own philanthropic purposes. I know I entered the network marketing industry for that very reason. I lead a student ministry in Birmingham, Alabama, called Bigtime Ministries.

The mission of Bigtime is to lead students into a growing relationship with Christ and coach them as ministers in their schools. Because of my passion for ministry, I jumped into a network marketing opportunity hoping to achieve the financial freedom that would allow me to give more of my time, talent, and treasure.

Most network marketing coaches will tell their downline to develop a list of "whys". The "whys" are the reasons you got into network marketing. One of my "whys" is to eventually be able to renovate a building in my town and turn it into a youth center. This wouldn't be just an ordinary youth center. This would be a place where students could come experience the manifest presence of God. It would be a place for students to worship, make music with their friends, participate in small group Bible studies on a weekly basis, and hang out after a football game on a Friday night. It would provide a safe place for teens to come and experience the full weight of who God is. I have had this vision for five years now and my hope is that one day, I will be able to fund this project personally! I am not there yet, but I am hoping, praying, and trusting the Lord that this vision will come to fruition!

Another reason why evangelicals tend to gravitate to network opportunities is because of the mentoring culture of MLM. Evangelicals strongly believe in mentoring relationships and most high-quality MLM companies have a strong culture of personal and professional development. I have had the privilege of meeting some exceptional leaders over the past few years. Many of these men have built strong businesses in their communities, but these men also invest in building people in their communities. One such leader is Scott Ross. I had the privilege of hearing him present a few months ago, and what impressed me the most about Scott was not the success he has been able to achieve in business. It was his love of the Lord and his commitment to building other men in his community. As I heard Scott speak, I sensed his strong love of the Lord, and it was mainly due to the fruits of the spirit that were evident in his presentation. If you get a chance, check out Scott's website at ScottRossOnline.com.

Now there are plenty of masters of deception and wolf in sheep's clothing in this industry. I have met them and many of you have met them too. It's unfortunate because the deception and lack of transparency in this industry has tainted the model and prevented a lot of people from achieving success. My team and I are working hard to change that image. I am glad to know that there are lots of wonderful people in the MLM industry who are honest and caring, and they desire to do business the right way. When you meet these people, you will know that you can do business with them.


Source by Bill Garner

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