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Bottom Up Multi Level Marketing Structures That Work


Feeding a Multi Level Marketing business is incredibly difficult in today’s world. There are many factors that stand in the way of creating a highly profitable home based business with the network marketing model. Traditionally people have faced the fear that the look of a typical multi-level marketing business is very pyramid like. I have always been able to see how network marketing is not a pyramid business. The results vary based on the individuals. People are the factor that add to the success or failure of an online business.

There is a change that needs to occur in the mentality of the person trying to build their network. People that go out only looking for the profit will soon find that they are broke. We are in a society that demands value. People are not likely do drop a lot of money into a home based business unless they know they are going to make money back. How do we do this as multi-level marketers when traditionally the bottom 60 percent of people in an MLM don’t make any money?

The answer lies in the question. With many newer multi-level marketing businesses there are team bonuses, and match bonuses. These are incentives to the leaders to ensure that their bottom people are starting to see money. This is accomplished by the leaders getting down to their bottom line and finding out what they need to ensure success. People want to succeed in MLM, but most people do not know how to recruit! The upline people’s job is to help these people get their first sign ups, and then that puts the people on a positive path. With team bonuses and match bonuses it is important to ensure the success of people further down.

Network Marketers that work in this fashion find two things. First they find that they gain more team building bonuses. Second they will find that these people nearer the bottom start to make some money and want to learn how to help the people below them!

When you take the time to help someone succeed, you will find that they will want to repay that favor. This is where the expert network marketer can shine. Passing on how to properly invite people, and teaching them how to talk to the people after and get them to sign up will go much further than just constantly recruiting more people.

In the end, taking the time to help, and to nurture your bottom line people will pay off huge dividends. People that are coached and rewarded for small successes will learn more and soon your level of success will surpass your wildest dreams!


Source by Paul Harvie

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