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Having a smartphone or tablet makes it easy to read on the go. No matter where you are, you can pull up a book and start reading. If you like to read, you’ve probably had the problem of running out of things to read. This can be an issue, especially if you find you’re spending more and more on books you want to read. 
So what about some free books? There are plenty of apps available for both iOS and Android that allow you to access books for no cost at all. No matter what kind of book you’re in the mood for, you’re likely to find just the thing with these free book apps listed below. 
If you’re into classic literature or nonfiction, My Books is a treasure trove of free reads. You can browse through many genres such as adventure, fantasy, history, politics, psychology, and more. It’s a great way to get access to some of the most influential books ever written, especially if you’ve been meaning to read some of these classics. The reading interface is pretty well done and allows you to use a bookmark.
With My Books, you can download books on the app, as well as the audiobooks available. All the ebooks are free, however if you want to listen to the audiobooks available on this app you’ll need to subscribe to the app for $1.99 a month. 
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Have a library card? If so, you can sign up with Libby to get access to tons of free books and audiobooks. All you need to do is find the local library you have a card with, and verify your info. Even if you don’t have a library card, you may be able to get access to one through this app. The books available differ from library to library, but it’s an amazing app for getting access to free ebooks.
The app works similarly to a library, as you borrow books for a period of time as a download to read it offline, and then return it. You can also sample books before borrowing them if you wish. You can also place holds on books you wish to read. Overall, this is a great app if you have a participating library near you. 
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Many authors have gotten their start by posting their stories on Wattpad. No matter what genre you want to read, there are tons of books available. All of the stories on here are written by users on the site, so the quality of them ranges, but if you enjoy reading it’s definitely an app to check out. 
Many of the books that have been hosted on Wattpad have gone on to become published novels. But, you can read them directly on the app as well. There are certain titles that may be locked behind Wattpad’s premium upgrade, however this isn’t the case for the majority of the stories on the app. 
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Any smartphone or tablet device you own can be a Kindle if you download the Amazon Kindle app. This is likely the best option to get free books if you have an Amazon Prime account, as there are tons of popular titles available free to Prime members. 
Kindle is also one of the leading ebook reader apps, with a great user interface for a smooth reading experience. Its features are some of the best among any apps of this type. If you already have Amazon Prime and are trying to find a way to read some free ebooks, definitely try this app first.
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iReader has a good collection of classic books, ranging in genre from fantasy to history and more. There’s also a large collection of nonfiction books to read as well if you’re into classic philosophy or political books. 
The user interface is also easy to use. All you need to do is download the book(s) you want to read, and they’ll come up in your library so you have access to them at any time. When reading books, you can swipe to read pages. 
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Nook is Barnes & Nobles take on an e-reading app. There are tons of books that you can buy on the app and read directly on your phone or tablet. However, as far as free books go there are a good number available. All you have to do is scroll to the very bottom of the main page to access the free ebooks section. 
This section of books changes often, so you will typically have new things to read whenever you check back. This section includes lots of fiction, especially romance and fantasy, so if you enjoy those types of reads then it’s a great place to look for free books. You can also find some free comic books in this section. 
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One place you may want to look for free ebooks is an app you probably already have downloaded, which is Apple’s Books app. Within this app, you can browse the Book Store in order to download new ebooks to read. If you look in this store you’ll see a section for special offers and free books. Here, you’ll be able to find tons of classics as well as more recent fiction titles. 
Since this app comes pre-downloaded on iPhones, you may want to check it out first to see what free books are available. Many of the free ebooks here are also available on the other apps listed above, so it could save you a download from the app store if you have an iPhone. 
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With all the available books in the best apps listed above, you’ll have plenty to read for a long time to come, without it costing you a cent. No matter what genre of book you’re looking for, these apps have it all. So give them a try and see if you find your next favorite book. 
Are there any other apps you like to use to read free books? Let us know in the comments. 
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