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Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi Level Marketing


Multi Level Marketing has been a popular way to make money for years. People get involved in MLM as it brings amazing income potential. However becoming successful in MLM isn’t easy and requires some effort and finding right people to work with as it’s pretty much about building relationships.

MLM is any business where payouts are made at two or more levels deep. The concept of MLM is quite traditional and it’s about building your downline in genealogy form where usually you benefit from all levels and branches of your genealogy tree.

MLM is attractive, however it requires from marketer to take different approach than in any other form of marketing and selling.

The reason is that unlike in traditional marketing where it comes to sell products, the main point of MLM marketing is rather selling hope and encouragement to become successful marketer to other people.

That’s why Multi Level Marketing is considered relationships business, not sales business. What it means is that in order to become successful, you need to find the right people who will join your downline and duplicate the steps you have taken to make money. While in many MLM companies you are limited to benefit from referring new members and building your genealogy tree, the other ones also involve product sales as an additional option to make money from your team building efforts.

When the sales are involved usually your job will be to recruit distributors who recruit more and more distributors infinite levels deep. The sales generated by all of them count toward your commission. So the rule is simple the larger the network of distributors built the more sales can be generated and more commissions can be earned.

The final question is: Is MLM marketing good business model for everyone?

Well it depends on the level of one’s experience and motivation.

The advantage of MLM is that it’s very effective and profitable form of marketing where success is result of consistent work and effort put by more than one person.

Where many people put their efforts and take action together to build their MLM business the income potential increases amazingly and can grow to the really high level over the years or even months.

Another benefit is that when you manage to build a team of motivated and good marketers you may get to the point where they will be doing all the job for you so that you’ll be able to benefit from your teamwork at minimum effort on your part.

However to get desired results in MLM marketing it takes some time, effort, proper knowledge and skills.

Building relationships and profitable team is a long process and requires a lot of patience, time and money investment.

The main problem here is to get the right marketers into your genealogy. The skepticism is lurking around nowadays and many people don’t believe in success on the Internet.

The job that has to be done is to show them that it is possible, encourage them to join your business and finally make them take action and duplicate the required steps.

That’s why mastering great communication skills is essential. Another thing that might be difficult is mentoring people.

When you finally manage to build your organization, you need to become a mentor who has the knowledge that will help your team members become successful as well. That’s why learning everything about the MLM business you are in is important as you will need to pass this knowledge forward to your organization members.

MLM business is really effective marketing model and may become your source of steady and solid income as long as you take it seriously and do consistently what is necessary to build your team.


Source by Daniel Gebura

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