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If you’re serious about business then you’ll want to pick up these inspirational and informative books right away.
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If you build it, they will come.
If you’re an entrepreneur who knows anything about business, then you know that this motto is worthless. There are many skills, factors, and resources that are necessary to getting a company off the ground and growing it into a success.
Smart entrepreneurs also know they don’t know everything. But they can always learn. Here, our friends at TradePub have rounded up 10 great eBooks to help entrepreneurs gain the skills they need to take their companies to the next level.
You’ll learn how to do everything from obliterating your tendency to procrastinate, how to build better habits, accelerate your sales, and how to comply with sales and use tax regulations.
Perhaps best of all? They're free.
If you're serious about business then you’ll want to pick up these eBooks right away.
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With this interview between the nation’s business and personal peak performance expert Tony Robbins and the leading business growth advisor Jay Abraham, you’ll get all the fundamental tools you need. Learn how you can market yourself and your business more effectively. 
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We’re all guilty of procrastination, so this practical guide helps get rid of your own tendency to procrastinate, in turn helping your team members to overcome theirs.  Learn not only the symptoms of procrastination, but quick-fix solutions, different triggers, and case-by-case situations.
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Gain a thorough understanding of the income statement, a powerful decision-making tool that every manager should be familiar with. You’ll learn the basics like how an income statement is prepared and what it can tell you, all the way to learning how to use income statements to measure financial performance and define operating and non-operating expenses.
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Master the skill of building new habits, and turn your old behavior into habits that lead you to a better life. We all want a life with meaning and impact, and inside this book you’ll learn from only the smartest. Stop wasting your time and download this book today.
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Inside, you’ll find what every startup needs: 24 insights to help you design, launch, and accelerate a sales program for your business. Emerge from the early stages of building a new business by staying focused on business and selling. Learn the best practices with this book.
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Calling all financial management professionals who want to comply with sales and use tax regulations. This Avalara special edition helps you effectively manage the complexity of sales and tax regulations in a simple way. With this book, you’ll be able to determine nexus and what it means as well as being able to better manage reseller certification.
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Learn the specific strategies of what you can start doing right away to increase your work/life balance. Productivity starts with beating procrastination and becoming more effective with your time and energy. Learn the ways to tackle the biggest time waster in your business and so much more.
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This is a step-by-step compliance guide to each period, month, and calendar quarter of the year. Since year-end is usually a long and arduous process, this checklist will help make your next year-end a snap. 
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Don’t you want to accomplish more in one day than other people accomplish in one week? Working both efficiently and effectively are two of the most important productivity skills. This guide provides robust framework that will allow you to boost your productivity to levels you never thought possible.
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Learn the five-step methodology of disciplined dreaming in a concise, yet informative way. Statistically proven, creativity is a critically important factor in ongoing success. Learn how to offer something different and compelling so you can stand out.
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