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Mindset For Entrepreneurship


When you're marketing things, mindset is at least 80% of the game. We could quibble about the number all day, but eventually we'd have to agree: mindset is a big part of marketing.

But what is really meant by this term?

Well, I mean the ways that you think, feel, and act in relation to things in the world. And in that case, mindset is a woefully inept term to describe this idea! However, it's the colloquial word for what I'm talking about. So, bear with me.

By mindset, I mean what most people would describe as your personality and the ways you mentally and physically interact with the world. Most people just think about the states and what it feels like, etc. I think this is really only half the issue. The other half is how that causes you to act. Our thinking, feeling, and behavioral systems are all interconnected into one system: the human being, ie you and me.

How does mindset affect Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is one of the few areas of life that is only limited by the amount of work you're willing to put in and the market's response to it. Which is pretty cool; however, this also means that you're your own worst enemy. Therefore, to succeed at Internet marketing, you've got to get your head right.

Until you "get your wits about you", it can be very difficult to make Internet marketing work for you. This is why I say that mindset is paramount to your success. You stand in your way far more than other marketers or issues do. "How are you blocking yourself?" is an important question to consider.

How do you do this? How do you "get your wits about you?"

The easiest way to get your thinking right is to get a coach or therapist to help you overcome all of your blocks one at a time in a way tailored specifically to you.

I think this is a great approach if you have the time and the money. Most people do not. A great second option is to look into training programs, audios, videos, courses, classes, eBooks, traditional books, etc.

Definitely, you want to go to a live event or find someone to work with one-on-one first, but if this is not an option, non-live programs can be amazingly helpful.

But regardless of how you approach this, it's all going to be the same basic process: focus on the end goal, make sure it's ideal for you, determine how to best get there, and then make a plan to get there (and overcome blocks as they arise).


Source by Joshua Howard

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