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Multi Level Marketing Principles


Multi level marketing or MLM is a business model that creates an opportunity for the average person, who is teachable, and who has desire and perseverance, to earn extra income from the comforts of their home. Legitimate multi-level marketing companies usually require a small start-up cost. Multi-level marketing relies on selling to consumers and establishing a market for quality products. That is, once you have a happy customer (customer service is one of the things reps get compensated for, a potential reason it’s not easy or to everyone’s liking, and may be a reason so many don’t succeed), you can rely on repeat sales and repeat commissions. In the majority of multi-level marketing programs, commissions are paid way down the line so the more people you and your team bring on, the better.

The multi level marketing form of business practice has received a fair amount of negative press and to be honest in some cases justifiably so. The reason for this is due to the number of pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes, however, are not concerned with sales of the products. Pyramid sales involve schemes in which the right to sell new memberships in the pyramid are sold under the guise of selling a product. While you may find that some pyramid schemes will offer a product for sale, the product is sold from one level to another instead of selling to customers. Distributors at the bottom are then left with a large volume of overpriced goods that cannot be sold. Nevertheless, network marketing still has mass appeal to many individuals looking to escape the corporate world.

Before you start your journey into multi-level marketing, remember the simple fact that even the most successful products will have partial market penetration. Still, some entrepreneurs have built very successful companies on this concept because the main focus of their activities is their product and product sales. Remember, no marketing plan will ever decide your multi-level marketing success. Sell yourself first, then the products and the marketing plan. Successful distributors, who have recruited and trained a large number of sellers, also have to assume ongoing wholesaling and managing responsibilities as well as making sales to their own retail customers. The most successful network marketers today are merely using their relationships to inspire others to purchase specific products. The ability to start with a program that you find interesting and beneficial to you is a key component to success.

Indeed, network marketing by its very nature entails that all participants strive to assist each other in making a successful business to enrich the group as a whole.


Source by Don Downes

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