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Are You Letting Excuses Keep You From Becoming a Top Network Marketer?


Things that are easy to do are easy not to do. In this article, I am going to talk to you about excuses and how they may be keeping you from becoming a top network marketer.

We all have our moments when we don't feel like doing certain things. We are professionals at making excuses for why we don't do these things, but the thing we must remember is that being a professional at making excuses does not pay the bills.
Two of the biggest excuses people have are the excuses that they do not have enough time or money. These are easy excuses to use because they are often true in our current state but do not have to remain true.

I Don't Have the Time

If you do not currently have the time to build your business, that is because you have not allocated the time to build your business. There are other things that are filling your time that you could choose not to do but instead, you choose to do them. Many times, these things are important things but if you say you want to build a business, but you do not schedule it into your week, you are not showing you believe it is that important.

I Don't Have the Connections

Our capital in our network marketing companies are our connections and oftentimes people think they do not have the right connections. Even if this is true, we all have the same access to everyone and if we are resourceful enough, we will be able to get in contact with that person.


Whatever excuses are holding you back, you must give them up and get into action. Excuses don't help you get what you want so give them up and work consistently toward your goals.


Source by Jessica Lauren Vine

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