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The mood is a powerful word. It actually comes from older words that mean spirit, mind, to strive, be energetic, and courage. It is also being referred to as customary behavior or custom. Thus, mood means way more than being happy or being sad. Moods encompass much from what you need in order to live. Spirit, mind, to strive, be energetic, and courage – are all related to moods and your sense of well being.

Let me explain…

Your mood becomes independent from your experiences. This disconnecting experience and mood present various challenges in your daily life. Sense of self-confidence and self-identity can also be affected. Symptoms like extreme irritability also affect relationships. Hopelessness and sadness may become too overwhelming. The sense of oneself can actually be lost if you don’t know what you need to expect from your mood.

What really is the difference between moods and feelings? Both of them describe your emotions; the difference is only about how long they’ll last. Feelings are actually transient, meaning that they are the result of the current situation that you are and they can change instantly. Moreover, a mood lasts for hours or even for days. Uncomfortable feelings usually vanished by itself, but your ‘bad mood’ needs some efforts to change.

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