New Affiliates

Welcome to Zaykar Affiliate Group. Please download the first vital tool for all our affiliate is the zaykar affiliate info-recruitment report brander that is produced for two platforms: one for for desktop computer [download id="64381"] and the other for mobile viewing [download id="64384"]

Brand this report with your own affiliate username and let it work for you 24/7 recruiting new downline affiliates for you, increasing your sponsor commissions and earn dollars while you sleep.
Samples of the branded reports for desktop computer is [download id=”64377″] and the other for mobile viewing [download id=”64391″] . You may have a look.
NOTE: If you have any problem at all branding the reports with your affiliate username, please contact us. We shall be ready to help you. Download the step-by-step manual on how to easily brand these reports and ebooks [download id=”62778″]

You may now go ahead sharing after branding. Good luck to you.

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